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Searching for the best Autodesk Revit MEP Classes in Pune? If yes then you are
on the correct website. You will get here various Autodesk Revit MEP Courses in
Pune, in different Autodesk Revit MEP Training Institute in Pune. But for that,
you should have some knowledge about Autodesk Revit MEP like what exactly it is
and much more information.

What is Autodesk Revit MEP?

Do you know what is stand for? No, so let me tell you it stands for mechanical,
electrical, and plumbing, these three engineering disciplines that Revit MEP
addresses. Ok so, Autodesk Revit Mechanical Electrical Plumbing is a building
information modeling software designed by Autodesk for specialists who engage
in MEP engineering.
By using Building Information Modeling as dared to CAD which implies computer-
aided drafting, Revit Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing can include the dynamic
data as well as the information in its intelligent models, which enabling complex
building methods to be perfectly created plus documented in a shorter period.
Any intelligent model created with Revit MEP depicts a complete project as well
as is collected in a separate database file. This enables modifications performed in
one part of the model to be automatically generated to different parts of the
model, hence improving the workflow for Revit Mechanical Electrical and
Plumbing users.

Learning Benefits of Autodesk Revit MEP

Multiple advantages are there for learning Autodesk Revit MEP Classes in Pune in
which you can get most efficient Autodesk Revit MEP Training in Pune,
Some of the advantages are there:

  • Parametric Components

Every segment which you build in the Revit BIM software that has parametric
qualities, this indicates the components are 3D; however, you can also change the
associated 2D levels to develop the 3D model.

Autodesk Revit MEP Training

  • No Repetition

The single database gives diverse different advantages. One of the most
prominent of these is that it makes a cut down on the volume of repetition you
have to go throughout when creating the model.

  • Landscape Design

The Revit BIM software exceeds when it arrives to generating genuine
visualizations. Essentially, you will place the center on all the data or information
you insert inside the model. This occurs in the design of models that include all
the data and information you necessitate to build real-life structures.

  • Energy Efficient Design

The sustainable construction plan is essential in the contemporary world. People
have an awareness of the consequences of their buildings on the environment. As
an outcome, several of the clients will require you to demonstrate that the
designs are sustainable.

  • No Paper Documentation

The Revit Building Information Modeling software doesn’t simply support you in
designing a perfect building that suits the environment. It also assists you to
create your own methods more sustainable.
About Revit
Revit is a design and document software that supports BIM (Building Information Modeling).

In the Revit MEP, you can design MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), HVAC, Fire-Fighting, building systems with accuracy and in co-ordination with architectural and structural components.

Revit MEP training course is very useful for MEP Consultants, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers, Builders, Retrofit Designers, Building Professionals etc.

SW Systems is a pioneer Revit MEP training institute in Pune who introduced Revit technology in the year 2004.

Topics Covered
Each day our trainer will teach you a topic and you will get assignments for hands-on practices. At the end you will be assigned a project to get holistic view of the Revit MEP.

Week 1
Introduction to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology, Revit Elements and Workflow Logic, User Interface, Project template, Setting Units and Templates, Keyboard Shortcuts, Revit MEP basics, Starting a new project, Basics of Architecture components.

Week 2
MEP Modelling, Defining Volumes, Building Performance Analysis, HVAC System, Piping System, Plumbing & Fire Protection

Week 3
Electrical System, Project Team Collaboration, Working with Architects and Engineers, Detailing and Drafting, Creating and Editing Families

Week 4
Annotations & Schedules, Bill of Quantities, Construction Documentation, Family Editor, Introduction to Navisworks, Clash Detection, 4D simulation.

Week 5
Doing a hands-on projects.

This is a brief outline of the syllabus, if you want more details please visit our institute or call +918975003350.

Pre-requisite for Autodesk Revit MEP course
Student or Professionals in the field of MEP, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering – Degree, Diploma or ITI.

Total duration of the Revit MEP Training: 60 hrs
Job Opportunities in Autodesk Revit MEP
There are various job opportunities after finishing this course is HVAC Designer,
Electrical Designer, and Plumbing Designer. These help you to understand more
and you are able to get good jobs and the salary you are expecting.

What You Need To Know To learn Autodesk Revit MEP?
In the MEP course, you should know everything about it. Like what is MEP how it
can give you good career opportunities? And many more things Autodesk Revit
MEP Courses in Pune, proficient author Tim Dundr explains to you the basics of
utilizing Revit to create mechanical, electrical, and plumbing methods. This
program is specially created for the complete amateur, meaning no premature
Revit Mechanical Electrical Plumbing experience is required.
Who can do this course?
The only qualifications for these courses are ITI, ITC, VHSS, Graduates, Diploma,
and Engineering Students. After that, you can do your course and take classes for
further studies. If you don’t have these you will discover some difficulties but
somehow you will able to learn it.
Autodesk Revit MEP Exams and Certification
If you guys are taking training from the best Autodesk Revit MEP Training
Institute in Pune then definitely you will get the exposer to create a new life in
this field. They will provide the certificate which is acceptable by all the leading
companies. They will just take some exams before giving you the certificate which
you have to clear it with high grades marks.
Salary Growth Rates for Fresher’s
It has a good salary as well as the scope which can give them opportunities to
grow all experience plus knowledge in this field. Fresher will get good pay as
starting but with the experience, it will give high pay.


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