Autodesk AutoCAD Training

About AutoCAD
AutoCAD is an industry popular Computer Aided Drafting tool which helps to create engineering drawing in various designing and drafting field. In the AutoCAD you can design and draft detailed and complex technical drawing with a very high precision and efficiency.

This course is useful for students or professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Draftsman etc. We train our students and professionals as per global standards.

SW Systems is a pioneer AutoCAD training institute in Pune who introduced AutoCAD and AutoLISP programming in the year 1992.

Topics Covered
Each day our trainer will teach you a topic and you will get assignments for hands-on practices. At the end you will be assigned a project to get holistic view of the Autodesk AutoCAD with the improved efficiency.

Introduction to AutoCAD 2D drafting environment, drawing and selection commands, Workspace, Command Enhancements, UCS, Speed documentation, Modification Commands, Utility Commands, Formatting Commands.

Dimensioning, Text, Create and Edit Multi Leader Text, Layers, Layer Management, Object and Layer Transparency, Quick Properties, Dynamic Blocks, Tables, Linking to Excel Sheet , Data Extraction, Hatch and Gradient, Associative Array Functionality, Multi Function Grips, Annotation Scaling, Selection cycling, Managing line weights

Isometric Drawing, Parametric Drawings, Sheet sets, PDF Underlay, External reference, Printing and Plotting. 3D workspace, 3D Primitives, 3D Navigation Tools, Steering Wheel, 3D Free-Form Design Tools , Visual Styles, Working with Solids Features, Solid Editing tools, 3D Operations, 3D Associative array, Mesh Modeling, Surface modeling Tools, Surface Analysis.

Lights, Sun Light, Create Camera Views, Material Library, Material editor, Photorealistic Rendering, Working with Raster images, In-canvas viewport controls, Point Cloud Support, Action Recorder, Workspace Customization, Sending AutoCAD Model to a 3D Printer, Live maps, reality capture, Geographic Location. Publish and Import DWF and PDF Files.

Week 5
Autodesk 360 And Design Feed, Featured Apps, VBScript introduction, Doing a hands-on project.

This is a brief outline of the syllabus, if you want more details please visit our institute or call +918975003350.

Pre-requisite for Autodesk AutoCAD course
Students or Professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering, Diploma, Interior Designer or ITI.

Total duration of the AutoCAD Training: 60 hrs


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