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Autodesk Revit Architecture Courses

Do you guys know? Autodesk Revit architecture Courses in Pune are getting
famous these days. You people will say why? Right! So, Autodesk Revit
Architecture is a program that can provide you various benefits that can help you
in your career to become a successful person. so if you are interested in taking
part in this amazing program then Autodesk Revit Architecture Training Institute
in Pune is here to provide you guys best Autodesk Revit architecture Classes in
Pune. But first, you guys should have some knowledge about Autodesk Revit

What is Autodesk Revit Architecture?
Autodesk Revit Architecture is a fabulous robust architectural design as well as a
document software app which is a design by the Autodesk for architects plus
buildings experts. This device as well as the features that design Revit
Architecture is particularly created to assist BIM that implies building information
modeling workflows. By the use of building information modeling as denied to
CAD which is stand for computer-aided drafting, it carries the dynamic details and
information in its intelligent models that permit the complex building structure to
be perfectly created as well as documented in a very short time.

Learning Benefits of Autodesk Revit architecture

If you say, advantages of learning Autodesk Revit architecture then numerous
advantages are there that can make you more perfect as you can imagine. After
finishing the course program then you will ready to proceed as follows:-

  • You can utilize the Vast Library of Parametric Building Components which
    expedites to create a model of building in a very short period without any
    complications and troubles.
  • By utilizing the software you will able to create top-quality architecture
    documents that commit to creating an excellent model as well as you will
    be performing a genuine building preview.
  • You can effortlessly receive the coordination of so many kinds of key ideas
    of this software like drafting, planning, designing, and many more. of each
    structure which is highly involved in different software plus difficult to
    determine by utilizing any other way.
  • You can go on this concurrently with all the members or your team because
    it gives various people uses a facility that provides multiple advantages such
    as time-saving, more efficient plus qualitative work.
  • To do these jobs via Revit software with perfection, you just need to learn
    and take Autodesk Revit Architecture Training in Pune that can provide
    you the appropriate supervision.

Autodesk Revit Architecture Training

About Revit
Revit is a design and document software that supports BIM (Building Information Modeling).

In the Revit Architecture, you can take your idea from conceptual design to construction documentation. You can view the building performance as well as create visualizations.

Revit Architecture training course is very useful for Architects, Builders, Urban Planner, Green Building Analyzer, Building Professionals, Retrofit Designers etc.

SW Systems is a pioneer Revit Architecture training institute in Pune who introduced Revit technology in the year 2004.

Topics Covered
Each day our trainer will teach you a topic and you will get assignments for hands-on practices. At the end you will be assigned a project to get holistic view of the Revit Architecture.

Week 1
Introduction to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology, Revit Elements and Workflow Logic, User Interface, Project template, Setting Units and Templates, Keyboard Shortcuts, Family Types (Introduction), Levels and Grids, Link and Import CAD, Architectural Modelling and their types like Walls, Doors, Windows, Components, Floors, Roofs. Creating Organic Shapes with Massing.

Week 2
Stairs, Ramps, Railings, Curtain Wall, Opening, Model Text, Parts & Assemblies, Material, Structural Column, Beam, Brace, Beam System, Slab, Foundation, Conceptual Design Environment Overview, Forms, In-Place Mass, Place Mass, Face, Conceptual Energy Analysis, Dimensions, Text, Tagging, Color Fill Legend, Room and Area.

Week 3
Schedules – Bill of Quantities & Bill of Materials, Material Takeoff, Schedule Formatting and Layout, Site–Toposurface, Regions, Graded Region, Site Setting, Building Pad, Plan Region, Detail View, Match line, Visual Control of Elements and Category, Non-Rectangular Crop Regions and callouts, Section, Depth Cueing, Section Box, Scope box.

Week 4
Displaced View, Camera, Walkthrough, Solar Study, Sun Path, Sun settings, Phases, Design Option, Families- Creation & Editing, Adding Parameters, Shared Parameters, Profile, Adaptive Components, Annotation Families, Construction Documentations, Conceptual Mass, Model In-Place, Title Block, Guide Grid, Revisions, Place View, Rendering, Autodesk 360 Rendering, Export to AutoCAD, Export to 3ds max, Introduction to Navisworks – Clash Detection, 4D simulation.

Week 5
Doing a hands-on project.

This is a brief outline of the syllabus, if you want more details please visit our institute or call +918975003350.

Pre-requisite for Autodesk Revit Architecture course
Students of Architecture, Civil – Degree, Diploma or ITI, B. Tech Planning or Professionals who are working in the Building Industry.

Total duration of the Revit Architecture Training: 60 hrs

Job Opportunities through Autodesk Revit Architecture
By Autodesk Revit architecture Courses in Pune people can get the best career
opportunities at good profile in leading companies
What You Need to Know to Learn Autodesk Revit architecture?

  • You will learn many things by Autodesk Revit Architecture training,
    following are some important thing which will learn:
  • You will able to Discover How to Work inside the BIM Process to Efficiently
    Design as well as Document a Complete Series of Building kinds.
  • You, Will, able to Obtain Greater Insight Inside The excellent Project at
    Every Point in Its Lifecycle, BIM Supports You to Increase Efficiency, Ability,
    plus Productivity, Occurring in Time As well as Cost Savings
  • You will Also Learn How to Build Custom Content in the Revit Family Editor,
    Design Conceptual Massing Studies, Work Structural device And Create
    Photorealistic Renderings of Building Projects.

Who can do Autodesk Revit Architecture Courses?
Autodesk Revit architecture is specially created for those people who have an
interest in created different structures of the building and who are interested in
taking training for the Autodesk course as a professional. it required a simple
exam in which anyone can participate.

Autodesk Revit architecture Exams and Certification
If people are taking the course from the best Autodesk Revit Architecture
Training Institute in Pune then they will provide the well-certified certificate that
will help you in getting a job in leading companies for that they will require an
exam in which people should pass with good grades.


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